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About Us

Across the last 11 years, Shoreline Realty Services, LLC, has remained dedicated to helping clients successfully reach their goals while navigating the local rental market. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the real estate and property management industries, which allows us to create customized service plans for all our valued clients. We are able to successfully identify the needs of our clients and create a management plan that best suits their endeavors.

Our team expertly handles every stage of the property management process from marketing the rentals to collecting monthly rent payments. We help tenants identify their property expectations and find a rental that matches those defined specifications. Our efforts ensure rental residents remain satisfied with their property selections for the long-term.

We help property owners maximize the revenues generated by each of their properties by keeping vacancy and tenant turnover rates low at all times. Property owners never have to worry about personally completing day-to-day rental care procedures after acquiring our dedicated management services. Ensuring our clients can always meet their goals remains our top priority year after year.